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Cutting Edge Cream!

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Super Premium Ice Cream

We use 14% butterfat, all natural ice cream mix provided by local Virginia farmers. No hormones, no antibiotics!

Our food colorings and many of our flavor extracts are natural from, which specializes in clean labels.

We churned our ice creams on-site, using the world's largest production batch freezer, the Emery Thompson 44 Quart BLT.

Our Italian-imported display case is unique in the ice cream industry because it chills the ice cream from above and below, using two separate cooling systems. This keeps the product at a constant temperature, even when one of the cooling systems fails, thus preventing ice crystals from forming. The ice cream can also be protected by lids, which reduces air exposure, keeping the ice cream in perfect condition over night!

If you've ever had icy ice cream, it's often because it was allowed to melt and refreeze, it was exposed to air or it wasn't churned properly.

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