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About us

Hi! Welcome to Cafe Miki!

We specialize in home-made Super Premium Ice Cream, high-quality Bubble Teas, and deliciously bold Espresso Beverages!  

Ice Cream

Our ice creams are all made on site, using a 44 quart Emery Thompson (American Made!) Batch Freezer, the largest commercial batch freezer in the World!  Your average ice cream is more than 50% air, but using a slow churn rotation, we only have 40% or less air content, creating a creamier texture, and more intense flavor!  We encourage you to sample any of our unique ice creams!  Our featured flavors are: Durian, Taro, Thai Tea, and Vietnamese Coffee. We will also offer traditional favorites like Cookies And Cream, Cookie Dough, Strawberry, Dark Chocolate, Semi-sweet Chocolate, Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, and more!  For our vegan friends, we have dairy-free ice cream Matcha and Coconut, both made from coconut bases.

Bubble Tea

Our Bubble Teas are well-balanced.  Instead of an overly powerful sweet and sugar beverage, we're known for emphasizing the tea flavor just as much as the milk, fruit, and other flavors.  This creates a dynamic and complex tasting experience.   Our ingredients are imported from Taiwan and China, for an authentic experience.  If you prefer your beverage less sweet, more sweet. or made with alternative milk options (almond milk, oatly oat milk), please let us know, and we'll be happy to cater to your preferences.


Our espresso beverages are strong and bold, made on state of the art equipment.  We’re fortunate to be able to invest in some of the best equipment in each industry, including a LaMarzocco espresso machine with auto brew ratio and auto-scale sensors, which helps us control the temperture, pressure and weights of all in coming ingredients and all espresso coming out.  We even use an auto tamper to compress our espresso grinds perfectly every time!   This is not your average cup of Joe!  

The Owners


Miki and Michael are co-founders of Cafe Miki, and they love to travel, eat, and experiment with new ways of cooking. In 2016, they left the health care industry to start a bubble tea store in Richmond, VA.

Cafe Miki is their second bubble tea store, and they hope to provide the highest quality coffees, bubble tea, and home made ice cream.   Our products are known to be well-balanced in taste...not too sweet or overpowering, that you can't appreciate the subtle flavor profiles.   The products are adjustable!  We can change the sugar and dairy levels, according to your preferences, so there is something for everyon

For more details and updates on our opening dates, go to, or subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages!  We hope to serve you soon!







Michael Wong and Miki Ly

Co-founders Cafe Miki, 2020

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